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Replacements and Replacements-Related Lyrics

The Replacements
Sorry Ma...Forgot to Take Out the Trash (Twin/Tone 1981)
Stink (Twin/Tone 1982)
Hootenanny (Twin/Tone 1983)
Let It Be (Twin/Tone 1984)
Tim (Sire 1985)
Pleased to Meet Me (Sire 1987)
Don't Tell a Soul (Sire 1989)
All Shook Down (Sire 1991)

All That We've Been Through
Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones)
Bad Worker
Beer For Breakfast
Birthday Gal
Can't Hardly Wait (pre-PTMM version)
Cool Water (Paul Rogers)
Cruella De Ville (Walt Disney soundtrack)
Date to Church (with Tom Waits)
Don't Buy or Sell, It's Crap
Don't Get Married
Election Day
Hey Good Lookin' (Hank Williams)
Hold Me In Suspension
If Only You Were Lonely
It's Hard To Wave In Handcuffs
Jungle Rock
Message to the Boys
Nowhere Is My Home
Pool and Dive
Route 66 (Cole)
Run For The Country
Tossin' And Turnin' (Jerry Lee Lewis)
20th Century Boy (T. Rex)
We're The Replacements (They Might Be Giants)

Paul Westerberg/Grandpa Boy
14 Songs (Sire 1993)
Eventually (Sire 1996)
Grandpa Boy 'I Want My Money Back/Undone' single" (Soundproof/Monolyth 1997)
Grandpa Boy EP (Soundproof/Monolyth 1997)
Suicaine Gratification (Capitol 1999)
Grandpa Boy - Mono (Vagrant 2002)
Stereo (Vagrant 2002)
A Star Is Bored
Dyslexic Heart
Make Your Own Kind of Music
Men Without Ties
Seein' Her
Waiting for Somebody Whatever Makes You Happy (alternate version)
Wonderful Copenhagen

Tommy Stinson/Perfect
Situation (Bash n' Pop)
Don't Need to Know Where (Perfect)
Makes Me Happy (Perfect)
Sometimes (Perfect)

Chris Mars
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (Smash 1992)

Slim Dunlap